Sunday, 7 September 2008

A Technological Reliance In A Modern World

Well it appears I have returned with another "Blog" about this most confusing world we live in and this time my theme is Technology, and just how much we rely on it today.

It seems one cannot walk down the road without encountering atleast one thing that includes some sort of computer chip.

China is clearly the most technologicly advanced and reliant country in the world, with over 500 million mobile phone accounts in China alone. An estimated 3.3 billion world over.

Mobile phones are possibly the biggest thing we rely on these days, and it makes me wonder, How on earth did we manage before them? well quite frankly, how we did it is not important, but the fact that we did is. We did not need the ability to take photographs on the move, neither did we need the Internet.

My point is that these days, we cannot live without the the Internet, mobile telephones and most of all, computers.

I remember the days building up to the year 2000 when the world collectively soiled themselves over the "Millennium Bug". The "bug" threatened to crash computers all over the world and send the economy into meltdown, although in reality all it actually did was make online calenders display things similar to 1/1/19100 instead of 1/1/2000. Bank ATMs could not read expiry dates correctly and that was about it. More than anything this relates to my earlier blog about the media blowing things totally out of proportion.

This technology is also seeing us reach into the future, unexplored places, dangerous places. There's a saying, "Curiosity killed the cat" Well curiosity could well kill the human race too, as many experiments are becoming more dangerous. We are reaching into the unknown, experimenting with things beyond our control but yet we still do it, we know the dangers, but go ahead anyway. Personally, I think it's bloody brilliant.

Somewhere, 100 metres below Geneva is a 27km ring of complicated machinery, dedicated to science, It has cost over 6 billion Dollars and threatens (if only very slightly) to destroy the entire universe, the same universe it was built to research! CERN know the dangers, but go ahead for the sake of science, for the sake of finding out what we are, for the sake of finding out what we are for. Fantastic! it really is, it may destroy everything ever imagined, but it doesn't matter, because science wins. If it proves that religion is stupid, the world will be a new place, most likely a horrible place to be, with people no longer believing what they did, we would be thrown into chaos. So whether this "Large Hadron Collider" succeeds or fails, the world as we know it will change.

All because of Technology. Something we cannot live without, and something we will probably use to destroy ourselves.

If we survive the trials of the LHC I shall post on September 10th.

Until then,


Friday, 18 July 2008

V: Bi-weekly

Hello readers and fellow bloggers,

This small post is not an insight into the world but a small note about the irregularity of my posts,

You may or may not have noticed that I am rather inconsistent with the time and date that I post, but if I get enough responses to this small blog, I will make sure that I make a Bi-weekly appearance, and a new blog will come every two weeks. "Why two weeks?" I hear you ask, well that is purely because it gives me enough time to plan another beautiful work of writing wonder, and it gives you readers a little excitement if you will looking forward to the next article.

So as I said, enough responses here, I shall go Bi-weekly.

Please comment to this post if that would interest you.



Sunday, 6 July 2008

I Am Back.

After a rather large break from the blog, time well spent contemplating the world and all its issues, I am back with hopefully another interesting blog for you to read, although my readers may be few, I hope my message rings true in the ears of many.

The theme of this article is abit(American spell checker says this word does not exist) larger than normal, less a specific issue, more the biggest issue I have at the moment.

The slow demise of the world as we know it.

You see, as I have stated below the world has many problems, it's biggest, being the Human race...we waste so many valuable things. An appropriate example is Wimbledon this year, as a patriotic person (as some of you may have guessed) I enjoy watching and supporting the fine ladies and gentleman that partake in such a boring repetitive sport, purely to feel their pain at said repetition in their lives. Back to the point, at Wimbledon, they use so many balls each game (insert ridiculous "Carry On" inuendo here) why do they not just use the one ball? why waste so many, there is nothing wrong with them.

Back in the '30s and '40s such things would not be possible, clothes were undone and re-sewed a few inches larger or smaller...when you recieved a package, you kept the brown paper and string for another time, you would not waste anything. I believe the government "catchphrase" at the time was "Make-do and mend" this is possibly the best thing the british government has ever come up with since the mighty Thatcher.

"Make-do and mend" such a phrase would merely be laughed upon by todays generation...If your kettle breaks, you throw it away and buy a new one. Whereas "back then" it would be taken to be repaired.

Waste is only on of the many things to plague this planet. Another of my pet hates is when people say "don't waste water" these people must be mentally retarded or missing something else, because surely everybody knows water is going through a continuous, never ending cycle?

Why is it that whenever Humans discover something great, something negative comes out of it?

Take Crude oil for example, such a wonderful gift many say God gave us(personally I frown upon this statement) we use it to power pretty much everything that moves, or powers something else. Through the process of Cracking, oil is turned into everything we need, and yet, we use it so much that it is now having a negative effect on the world.

All this talk about Global warming would strike fear into most, but personally I think it is utter rubbish...the Earth goes through heat cycles, it has done all it's life. Global warming is not a very correct term either, as the biggest effect would be the demise of the Jet streams that trail our planet, these streams of warm air would disappear plunging the world into something similar to an ice age, with -30 degree winters.

The thing that exaserbates all of these issues is the media. Media coverage has been around for hundreds of years, but not to the ridiculous proportions of today.
Total strangers can become "celebrities" for a single picture in a newspaper or a video on "YouTube" (read:GoogleVideo#2)

If one news channel does anything to ruin the credability of everything it is "Fox News" or as it has been beautifully renamed by the internet "Faux News" I must say I do love the play on words that is used, very clever indeed, I believe the correct notification of such liking is to say that it is "win"? (the youth of today still bemuses me)

They once stated that the Nintendo DS (popular amongst 8-16 year olds) can be used by paedophiles to hack into another DS and attack your child. This blatantly over the top statement actually made me laugh. As did the section of one show about the danger of one internet group called Anonymous, and that they were "Hackers on steriods" that blew up sports stadiums and hacked "Myspace"

These are perfect examples of OTT media coverage, the media is possibly one of the biggest issues I have.

So I will continue to contemplate topical events and irritating issues for your pleasure,

More soon.


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Computer Controversial

With the release of Grand Theft Auto IV just a week ago;

I decided to concentrate my most recent blog upon the controversy of said computer game and a few others that have caused trouble in the media.

It seems Grand Theft Auto is possibly the most famous game for its portrayal in the media, and with the release of the latest update it has made the news once again;

Now I have seen and played this game, on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and I do not think it deserves the 18 rating or the bad reputation it gets from the media

Going back to 2005, the "Hot Coffee" incident, this was a minigame that appeared as a modification for the PC version . It included scenes of a "sexual nature" wherein the player presses buttons on a control pad or keyboard to have sex with girls within the game, the entire thing got blown out of proportion because you see, this minigame was merely a rhythm action dry humping game.
Certainly not worthy of a courtcase and re-classification of the game.

Grand Theft Auto IV was also headlined for its "violent" gameplay, and as I mentioned before it is not worthy of any negative responses it gets.

The most violent thing in the game is the pre-rendered deaths of major characters when they can be executed during certain missions.

Another thing brought up upon the games release is people under the 18+ age rating playing the game, this is apparently a big problem but I beg to differ, it is merely a game, pressing circle to stab a group of pixels is not the same as a young boy going out and stabbing his friend.

Games do not turn people into killers. Fact. It is not possible for a person to become insane just by playing a game, unless ofcourse they play Halo refusely with their friends until their eyes bleed.

Games are merely a new form of media, growing in popularity by the day, they will continue to increase in popularity and violence sells, people enjoy being able to run other players over, and shoot players limbs off but this does not mean that people will go out and re-enact this, they play the games to satisfy that little hobby of theirs. Lets leave them to it eh?



Monday, 7 April 2008

"Great" Britain

In the words of that awful actor Thomas Baker

"Britain, Britain, Britain"

The land of the free, royalty, and some of the most ridiculous things I have ever come across...

This country has one of the highest reputations for having power, money, and respect...but from what I can see, this is also a country that is spiraling down into disarray and madness.

You see, Great Britain has a government, this government is supposed to make decisions for the people they lead, important decisions, to improve the lives of these people, and it seems to me that they are making all the wrong decisions...

Immigration levels are at an all time high in the United Kingdom, more than any other country on earth, for one reason, the British government is too soft, the people know this and I'm sure they will agree with me on this next point too.

The essence of being British has been totally lost, no longer is Britain Britain...but more of a condensed version of the entire Earth, there are more Taxi's than people to ride in them and more Mosques than Churches; this is totally ridiculous, Britons are being driven mad by the amount of immigrants flooding into house all around them, they have a choke hold on the entire country.

House prices are on the rise and by 2020 there will be nowhere left, this is where the European Union comes in, now this "Union" is futile, one of the "rules" is that anybody, from any country, can move to another country in the Union, and because the United Kingdom is so wealthy, has free health care, and many other wonderful attributes, EVERYONE wants to move there, this is not fair as the British Isles are tiny in comparison to any other country in the EU and yet they have one of the highest populations.

If the people do not do anything, they will be out of their own country before they know it, I say, rise above the government, overthrow them! take them out, and create a new system, who needs squares from university? let the people decide what they want, and let them do it for themselves...Britons, you still have time.


Friday, 14 March 2008

V On: Women

Humans of female gender, women, bitches, hoes, broads, chicks;

Whatever you call them, these "women" are possibly the most confusing, complex and down right annoying things to crawl this retched earth;

After various studies, it seems men cannot win against the women, no matter what they do, the women is right, she may think the male is the sexist one, but she is being completely hypocritical

They moan and nag about you not doing the cooking and cleaning, so you make a stand, you cook her dinner and clean up afterwards, she strolls into the kitchen complaining of food poisoning and your shoddy washing up skills, now why complain about the male not doing simple tasks like these, and then complain when he does it wrong? this confuses me to the brink of insanity...

But I digress; another confusing thing between male and female is the "toilet seat" problem;

Women complain when men leave the seat UP but surely, men could complain that women leave the seat DOWN, this is totally preposterous.

Once again, on the issue of sexism, women complain they are segregated from men, but I recently saw some news about the Miss Video Gamer contest, Miss Video Gamer contest, surely this is just reinforcing sexism?

Baffling creatures you are, and baffled I shall continue to be...

One final word

"Women, eh?"


Sunday, 9 March 2008

Grinding My Gears:

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Toolbar add-ons;

everytime I try to download a nice new piece of software for my personal computer, I am persistently pestered as to whether I would like to download an extra toolbar for my World Wide Web browser, these things drive me utterly insane (more so than usual atleast) as they are totally useless and a waste of my good time! Also, these toolbars do not add any extra functionality to my computer, they just minimise other things that I already have into a smaller space, I do not care for a centimetre of space saving, it's preposterous!

Computer programmers, heed my call, take action, stop making these dreadful computer abominations, and put your skills to a proper use, perhaps, hacking a US missile to hit the Houses of Parliament? or the White House?

Spit Spot, get to it.


Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Me: an introduction


This blog, a needle in the haystack that is the World Wide Web, will soon be full of views and visions that I have about and for this very strange, very mad but not the least bit boring world and its inhabitants, humans, you keep the world ticking over, yet you are also destroying it, you poison the water that keeps you alive, and fight over the most basic natural resources, you confuse and amuse me all at the same time, I intend to keep a "blog" of my thoughts for all of you to agree with, laugh at, cry at, or even aspire to. Whilst trying to avoid the mundane, generic blogs about what I did "last weekend with the wife's parents" or leaking information about computer games all your children seem to be addicted to.

Good day to you all,