Friday, 14 March 2008

V On: Women

Humans of female gender, women, bitches, hoes, broads, chicks;

Whatever you call them, these "women" are possibly the most confusing, complex and down right annoying things to crawl this retched earth;

After various studies, it seems men cannot win against the women, no matter what they do, the women is right, she may think the male is the sexist one, but she is being completely hypocritical

They moan and nag about you not doing the cooking and cleaning, so you make a stand, you cook her dinner and clean up afterwards, she strolls into the kitchen complaining of food poisoning and your shoddy washing up skills, now why complain about the male not doing simple tasks like these, and then complain when he does it wrong? this confuses me to the brink of insanity...

But I digress; another confusing thing between male and female is the "toilet seat" problem;

Women complain when men leave the seat UP but surely, men could complain that women leave the seat DOWN, this is totally preposterous.

Once again, on the issue of sexism, women complain they are segregated from men, but I recently saw some news about the Miss Video Gamer contest, Miss Video Gamer contest, surely this is just reinforcing sexism?

Baffling creatures you are, and baffled I shall continue to be...

One final word

"Women, eh?"



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