Tuesday, 31 March 2009


It is my pleasure to make your acquaintance, to all the first time viewers out there anyway.

I am well aware that my fanbase - if any - is made up of a very small few, dedicated fellow bloggers, that share similar views to my own.

Well now that it is spring I have decided to rise out of hibernation and bask in the light that is reflection on the last few months, some fascinating things have happened.

This will be in no order might I add, I often tire of writing and delete entire blogs before publishing them, hence the lack of entries for months.

I would like to start with the collapse of something close to many Britons (read: Chavs) Woolworths announced losses a while back, in my eyes this is because the influx of burberry clad gypsies stealing from all the stores around the country. No, what I really believe is that retail super giants such as Tesco, infact just Tesco, are having a detrimental effect on the nations economy, I implore all readers to get out there, on your local high streets and buy from the butchers, and grocers, and whatever else you have to, because smaller shops are closing faster than ever before.

This moves me nicely onto my next topic, the economy - what's left of it anyway - Money money money, money makes the world go around. Unfortunately it does, to paraphrase Northerners "You don' get out for nout" I'm not even sure how one would begin to spell that correctly, so I apologise.

I digress, Tony Blair was one of the worst things to happen to this country, so when he stepped down at the feeble age of 107 Gordon Brown stepped up, now just for those who didn't know, Brown was pretty much in charge of the country's money before he became Prime Minister, It was Brown that ruined the Banks, and now it is up to him to save them, which involves spending more money. Money we have to borrow off other countries. Money we can't afford to borrow.

This places us in a downward spiral of debt, and with extra money going into looking after an increasingly aging population it doesn't look like getting better anytime soon.

I have a plan to solve alot of this debt, think about all the people claiming benefits such as "Job seekers allowance" this practically pays lazy people to sit around and pretend they're struggling to find a job, If illegal immigrants can find a job without having a National Insurance number how can Legal citizens not find a job? the country has become too soft.

So my plan is to force everybody on any of these benefits to actually get off their obese arses, and get a job, no matter what it is, they must be working, so that they can be taxed, now we all hate taxes, but without them the country would be in even more of a state. So don't complain.

Now, something bugged me no end next;

She first forced herself down the nations necks in Big Brother, after losing she gained public appreciation for getting her disgusting body out whilst drunk and making various appearances in public, the usual "Getting out of a taxi with my crotch showing" photos where taken, and she went on to appear in Celebrity Big Brother, I use that word loosely, more loose than the woman in question, yes of course I mean Jade Goody.

Jade Goody suddenly became hated when she called a Hindu/Muslim/Sikh/Who really cares they're all just as wrong "Shilpa Poppadom" ( I know, it lacks imagination even for such an imbecile) Flags were burnt, Goody's career was over before it began.

But then!

She developed Cervical Cancer and milked it for all it was worth, claiming she wanted to put her kids through school, now is it just me or has cancer been around for a while before Jade Goody was even spawned? I thought as much, so why on Earth did she get so much media attention?

I have already commented on how the media is one thing I detest the most, and Jade Goody has made me hate it even more, why must a lower class woman become so popular and create such a revenue from dying? I understand that she didn't want her children to be as idiotic as she was, but did they really need millions of Pounds for education? I don't think they do, I believe it was exploitation at it's worst.

I am rather glad that we are rid of such a rodent from the surface of the Earth.

So as the clocks go forward, so does the year.