Monday, 7 April 2008

"Great" Britain

In the words of that awful actor Thomas Baker

"Britain, Britain, Britain"

The land of the free, royalty, and some of the most ridiculous things I have ever come across...

This country has one of the highest reputations for having power, money, and respect...but from what I can see, this is also a country that is spiraling down into disarray and madness.

You see, Great Britain has a government, this government is supposed to make decisions for the people they lead, important decisions, to improve the lives of these people, and it seems to me that they are making all the wrong decisions...

Immigration levels are at an all time high in the United Kingdom, more than any other country on earth, for one reason, the British government is too soft, the people know this and I'm sure they will agree with me on this next point too.

The essence of being British has been totally lost, no longer is Britain Britain...but more of a condensed version of the entire Earth, there are more Taxi's than people to ride in them and more Mosques than Churches; this is totally ridiculous, Britons are being driven mad by the amount of immigrants flooding into house all around them, they have a choke hold on the entire country.

House prices are on the rise and by 2020 there will be nowhere left, this is where the European Union comes in, now this "Union" is futile, one of the "rules" is that anybody, from any country, can move to another country in the Union, and because the United Kingdom is so wealthy, has free health care, and many other wonderful attributes, EVERYONE wants to move there, this is not fair as the British Isles are tiny in comparison to any other country in the EU and yet they have one of the highest populations.

If the people do not do anything, they will be out of their own country before they know it, I say, rise above the government, overthrow them! take them out, and create a new system, who needs squares from university? let the people decide what they want, and let them do it for themselves...Britons, you still have time.