Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Seasons Greetings, Atleast it feels like Christmas.

Recently as I'm sure most of you are aware, the recent Postal Strikes have caused alot of problems for alot of people, not only do I think the Royal Mail have no real grounds to base these strikes on, I also think it is an incredibly selfish thing to do. The main reasons for the strikes are pay issues, working hours and modernisation. Now I'm almost certain that nearly every business in the entire country, and every employee of all those businesses has one or more of these issues but do they throw their toys out of the pram? No, they continue working because they know it's happening to everyone.

As the media will lead you to believe we are in a recession, to which I can only say is "Scaremongering" at it's best by your Government to make you buy more useless tat to stop them rising Taxes even more, So with all these banks and businesses going under as it were why do the Royal Mail decided to strike now? Especially in the loathsome Christmas period.
It angers me to no end to think that more companies and small shops are going bankrupt and the owners are not able to live sufficiently purely based on not getting the deliveries they need, and all thanks to the Royal Mail. Personally I think they have shot themselves in the foot, the more they strike, the more money they loose and the more likely they are to fail as a business therefore leading to all of its employees losing their jobs.

I mentioned Christmas, yes it's that time of year again, although the Christmas period seems to be growing longer and longer, I'm pretty sure shops will be selling you rubbish for Christmas in June soon.
Christmas become as commercialised as Christianity itself and the entire Festive season is becoming less and less about family and more about how much money you spend on said family. Spend too much, they'll complain at you, spend too little and they'll be thinking it. The only thing I can truly look forward to at this time of year is the end of it. Yet another year has passed, is it me or is the human race slowing down to a stand still? What happened to us advancing our technologies? We've become victims of our own inventions.

Roll on 2010.