Sunday, 9 March 2008

Grinding My Gears:

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Toolbar add-ons;

everytime I try to download a nice new piece of software for my personal computer, I am persistently pestered as to whether I would like to download an extra toolbar for my World Wide Web browser, these things drive me utterly insane (more so than usual atleast) as they are totally useless and a waste of my good time! Also, these toolbars do not add any extra functionality to my computer, they just minimise other things that I already have into a smaller space, I do not care for a centimetre of space saving, it's preposterous!

Computer programmers, heed my call, take action, stop making these dreadful computer abominations, and put your skills to a proper use, perhaps, hacking a US missile to hit the Houses of Parliament? or the White House?

Spit Spot, get to it.



Anonymous said...

Damn straight, G.

Codename V said...

Begging your pardon but it's V.

Anonymous said...

I've always hated those damn things. I've not installed one on my new computer, but it annoys me when I'm prompted to do so.

Anonymous said...

Damn straight, G.

Anonymous said...

Tis a bit on the annoying side. However unless one is installed without notification I tend to ignore the things and move on with my time. After all the toolbar coders arn't the same group, usually, that code the main program the installer is for, and more often than not

Anonymous said...

Do not start me on toolbar add-ons. They are the most annoying thing ever introduced to the Internet...

...well, besides popups and seizure-inducing banners.

1337Cyndic@ said...

Redirected here from encyclopedia dramatica, looks like someone noticed you (ref:

Nonetheless, nice blog. V is on my list of heroes.

RE: Toolbars; but ah, this is the capitalistic world! What is a business that does not slip it's inklings of advertisements (spam) into every nook and cranny of other businesses? And what would those businesses in turn be to not accept payment to allow such an atrocious act?

Pennies for the rich or aspiring, information wars use the same tactics all others of the past have. Confuse, distract, infiltrate.

Support the commons and you will never run into such menial and trivial matters.