Friday, 18 July 2008

V: Bi-weekly

Hello readers and fellow bloggers,

This small post is not an insight into the world but a small note about the irregularity of my posts,

You may or may not have noticed that I am rather inconsistent with the time and date that I post, but if I get enough responses to this small blog, I will make sure that I make a Bi-weekly appearance, and a new blog will come every two weeks. "Why two weeks?" I hear you ask, well that is purely because it gives me enough time to plan another beautiful work of writing wonder, and it gives you readers a little excitement if you will looking forward to the next article.

So as I said, enough responses here, I shall go Bi-weekly.

Please comment to this post if that would interest you.




Akira said...


It is my pleasure and duty to redesign my page and to apologise, I realise that I was perhaps emulating you too much, and I do apologise for that sincerely.

I would also like to apologise for beating you to the topic! If I'd had any idea I would certainly have left it to you, but it seems I was too fast to jump the gun.

I'd like to thank you for pointing out my flawed spelling. When I left the United Kingdom I finished my education in an American-populated school, and so my spelling became somewhat altered. I do try to adhere to the traditional spellings as much as possible, although sometimes I do make mistakes. Again, thank you for pointing this out!

And V, please allow me to congratulate you on your working for a magazine!
I'm sure your wisdom and knowledge will be spread far, and perhaps I might even come across your articles in due time.
As you stated, I feel that any similarities between our works should be stated, as to avoid any trouble, and I can give you my word that any future similarities will be purely coincidental, and will be addressed as fast as possible.

V, I thank you for your response and hope that my writing will appeal to you, if not impress you!
Any feedback that you have is more than welcome, and I intend to keep reading your Blog as frequently as possible.
Continue the excellent work, Sir.
And certainly take care of yourself!



Abscon said...

Once again i am glad to hear of your updates.

Akira commented saying that you wrote for a magazine.
Which magazine do you write for?

Other the that
I await your updates
untill next time

wakeup said...

keep it rollin

Anonymous said...

I am sorry V, for being late. I had no internet connection for a while and so issue 2 of the magazine will be released some kinda late. But it will be released. I am collecting the people that'll help me that weekend and together we should pull off the 123 pages rather quickly.


littlelostgeek said...

It is not the quantity of posts that you make V. It is the quality that leaves me hanging on your statements wondering what you will choose to discuss next.

Anonymous said...

i support this motion

andrea*. said...

i thought you were dead.

Anonymous said...

An Idea never dies...An idea cannot be shot.Cannot be stabbed...An idea cannot die

Codename V said...

After Littlelostgeek's post, I have decided to leave my blogs somewhat of a mystery, this will bring you back checking every so often.

My next topic will be about the reliance on technology these days.

Thankyou for all your feedback,

The blog will be up soon.


1337Cyndic@ said...

Sure, by all means start a bi-weekly. Sounds like you get around... something I want to do one day. I for one would enjoy reading and writing some here.

Just post some stuff! You're almost as lazy as me with updating the ol' blog!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.