Saturday, 28 August 2010


Coming soon.


Anonymous said...

... please come back...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You've been raptured, haven't you? This is a most harrowing turn of events.

Listen and Understand said...

Dear V,

Interesting blog you have here. I will be aiding you in spreading your words through my own personal blog. It's a shame you have sadly disappeared.


Victoria said...

My favorite is ketchup. I fucking love ketchup.

Lady Ruby said...

V, oh V, where have you gone?

I am a most recent of discoverers of this.. 'needle in the haystack' but the words I have found within are.. well, inspiring, and thought-creating, to say the least.

Sadly, two years have nearly passed since the last time you broadcast your thoughts. Has this been forgotten? Do higher callings lead you astray? Or has it been the opposers of such thoughts.. have caught up?

No matter. I sincerely hope you one day return to us, and therein, start giving much much to create in our minds anew.

Until the day you return, I shall await faithfully, whilst I live my own life, with my eyes a little wider open for your words.

~* A Dark Angel

Anonymous said...

Hi I just chanced upon your blog today and wow, it was such a refreshing read. I really loved V from the movie and you're doing a good job imitating him! But why have you stopped blogging? It'll be really nice if you could continue writing.

P.S. I'm Asian :)