Sunday, 14 October 2012

One Giant Leap For One Man.

I have been a way a while, if anyone is reading this I congratulate you on getting this far. If anyone is reading this with a sense of nostalgia, I congratulate you further.

As few of you will be aware, I posted for some time and it all came to a stop rather abruptly, 2 years have passed since my last post and a lot has changed in that time.

Facebook took over the world, the man who created the iPhone died and almost every advertisement on television is accompanied by the terrible sound of what I hear is called "Dubstep". Today, a lot has changed, V is back. I am back and I have changed, matured and more cynical than ever. The world is a bitter place, wars that started have since ended, powerful people have died and I have spectated from the side lines. Today, change continues.

I come to you today with a different approach. We're starting things off with a positive post about humanity. Today something fantastic happened. A man, Felix Baumgartner, rode a helium balloon 128,000 feet up in to the stratosphere and then jumped. He fell those 128,000 feet in less than 10 minutes. Years of research and money for 10 enthralling minutes. A human being jumped from the edge of space and lived to tell the tale.

Whilst this in itself amazes me, we also live in a world where people were able to watch it live on their mobile phones on the commute home from work, a world where anyone with access to the internet could Tweet their thoughts and emotions as it unfolded. I myself was sat with bated breath as he stepped out on to his relatively tiny platform. The human race came together for little over 2 hours to watch a single man fall through the sky. Many "trolls" as they've come to be called sat and mocked but the majority of people, the majority of the world watched in awe as this single, brave man did what others can only dream of. Saw what others could only dream of seeing. All in the name of record breaking.

As a species we have stopped evolving to suit the world, we now evolve the world to suit us. Whilst we've stopped evolving we haven't stopped excelling. Humans are constantly excelling, never to be bested. I pray this mentality never stops. Whether it's finding the Higgs boson or creating a new piece of life saving technology, we excel. Whether it be for science or for personal gain, we excel.

Keep excelling planet Earth. You made a cynical man proud today.


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